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Saturday, May 23, 2009

Kaspersky Faces Latest Facebook Phishing Attack

Kaspersky Lab, a leading developer of secure content management systems, has responded to the latest phishing attack on Facebook with a practical guide for all Internet users on how to stay safe online from the threats of cybercrime. The Internet security vendor advises that malicious code distributed via social networking sites is 10 times more effective, in terms of successful infection, than malware spread via email.

On May 15, Facebook was hit by another phishing attack, a tactic designed by cybercriminals to steal a person’s identity, gather personal data and use this to defraud the victim of their money.

David Emm, a member of the Global Research and Analysis Team at Kaspersky Labs explains, “Given the phenomenal success of Facebook, Twitter and other popular social networking sites, it should come as no surprise that it has attracted the attention of cybercriminals and the threat shows no signs of abating.”

“Phishing scams succeed by luring in their victims under the pretense of something that at first glance may appear legitimate. Remaining vigilant and taking the right precautions is the key to not falling into their trap,” he added.

Malicious code distributed via social networking sites is suggested to be 10 times more effective in terms of successful infection than malware spread via email. Internet users are far more likely to click on a link received from a trusted friend, rather than a link in a random spam message. Kaspersky Lab has recently seen a massive increase in phishing attacks on the Facebook login page. Cybercriminals have been using the site’s internal message system to send short messages that direct visitors to a website purposely designed to clone Facebook’s log-in screen.

Kaspersky Lab’s top tips for protecting against phishing attacks:
  • For sites such as Facebook, create a bookmark for the login page, or type the URL directly into the browser address bar.
  • Don’t click on links in e-mail messages.
  • Only type in confidential data on a secure web site.
  • Check your bank account(s) regularly and report anything suspicious to your bank.
  • Install Internet security software and keep anti-virus updated.
  • Install security patches.
  • Be wary of unsolicited e-mail or IM messages.
  • Be careful about logging in with Administrator rights.
  • Backup your data.
Look for giveaway signs of phishing e-mails:
  • If it’s not addressed to you personally.
  • If you’re not the only recipient.
  • If there are spelling mistakes, poor grammar or syntax or other clumsy use of language.
Emm provides a final word of warning: “High profile reports of scams such as the latest Facebook attempt raise awareness of the risk of cybercrime, but it is important to make clear that it is not an isolated incident as we are detecting over 17,000 new Internet threats everyday.”

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Hitachi GST Snags Substrate Facility From WD

Here's an interesting one. Hitachi Global Storage Technologies has just snapped up a substrate manufacturing facility located in Sarawak, Malaysia from Western Digital. You heard right -- one hard drive maker is taking some property from a rival hard drive maker. In the release, we're told that the facility that Hitachi GST is taking over produces aluminum substrates used in hard disk drives, which WD originally ended up with when it purchased Komag in 2007.

Steve Milligan, president, Hitachi GST, had this to say about the agreement: "This acquisition further strengthens Hitachi GST and is the next step in our business transformation. The Sarawak facility is located in close proximity to existing Hitachi GST suppliers and drive assembly operations, which will enable us to realize increased operational efficiencies and other long-term benefits." Colleage Ian Sanders, VP of the components group, chimed in with this: "The Malaysian and Sarawak governments have been instrumental in Hitachi GST efforts to develop a local manufacturing presence. We thank them for their ongoing support and look forward to growing our employee base in Malaysia. Sarawak has a highly-skilled workforce with a worldwide reputation for manufacturing and technology excellence. Our goal is to have the Sarawak team play an important role in strengthening our product competitiveness by providing Hitachi GST with greater access to world-class components."

We're told that the closing of the acquisition is subject to customary conditions, which means that everything should be complete just as soon as the right paperwork is filled out. It's hard to say what affect this will have on end users, though we get the idea most folks won't even notice the difference.

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Friday, May 22, 2009

Specification Fujifilm S2000HD


Saturday, May 16, 2009

Sugar Love Cookies Feat Melda Ahmad - Kau Dan Aku




Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Anda Ingin Website Sendiri Tapi Inginkan Harga Paling Murah??

Bina Laman Web Syarikat Anda

Mahukah anda memperluaskan bidang perniagaan anda DI SERATA DUNIA????

Kami ada jalan penyelesaian terbaik untuk anda…

Pada masa kini banyak syarikat telah beralih strategi pemasaran produk syarikat mereka
daripada pengiklanan melalui akhbar mahupun pengedaran flyers kepada era digital yang baru
iaitu internet.

Kami di Okaz IT Solutions menawarkan pakej yang terbaik dan berpatutan untuk anda
mengembangkan lagi bisnes syarikat anda dalam era digital ini.

TIDAK perlu risau tentang cara untuk membuat laman web

TIDAK perlu risau tentang cara untuk membuat email syarikat

TIDAK perlu risau tentang maintenance

TIDAK perlu risau tentang pengurusan….

Kami akan uruskan semua ini untuk anda….

Kami akan binakan laman web mengikut citarasa dan keperluan anda menggunakan nama
domain yang anda pilih seperti

Pakage yang kami tawarkan...
1 domain name
1 set website
2 mail account

RM 290 (RM 160 = Service membina website + RM 130/per year sewa nama domain & tapak hosting)

Okaz IT Solutions
No Handphone: 019 383 2375
Yahoo Messenger : impreza_rulz
E-Mail :
Website Company :

Moto Kami:
pakej yg kami sediakan amat berbaloi untuk semo pelanggan kami...

Monday, May 11, 2009

MONOLOQUE - Jika Aku Seorang Robot

Jika ku seorang robot
Nombor-nombor darahku
Jasadku import export
Besi logam dagingku
Sinar matahari solar
Nyawaku tenaga letrik
Otakku macam peluru
Bernafas pun tak perlu
Meneliti lebuhraya
Mengawal si pasaraya
Mata-mata dari angkasa

Jika ku seorang robot
Tak perlu ada komplot
Kawan-kawan semua robot
25 jam sehari
8 hari seminggu

Jika ku seorang robot
Nombor-nombor darahku
Tak perlu ada komplot
Besi logam dagingku
Jasadku import export
Meneliti lebuhraya
Mengelilingi angkasa
Jika ku seorang robot

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Sasuka - Terbangkan Aku Ke Bulan

Bila merasa sepi
Memandang dongak ke langit
Terhapus duka dihati

Indah mengusap jiwa
Membalut luka semalam
Terbingung aku sendiri
Keruh malam tanpa dendam
Tiba esok yang ditunggu
Oh mengasyikkan

Terjaga lagi kau dari lenamu
Usah dipendam kisah hitammu

Keruh malam tanpa dendam
Tiba esok yang ditunggu
Oh mengasyikkan

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Bab 1 : Praktikal Da Setel

fuhhhh!!!...lega rasa di ati setelah selesai selama 4 bulan di peperangan lagi..praktikal la..hehhee..biasa la..sem bape kena g latihan pe pun dlm 4 bln ni cam cam hal n bz selalu ngan keje..balik lewat..biasa la..keje ngan company kontracktor cam cam projek..jadi la banyak la keje..di situ aku memula masuk..kena kat bahagian marketing deparment kat office..senang citer company ni lebih pada company amik projek telekommunikasi..kat sini de beberapa 2 bln aku di tugaskan di department marketing..kat sini aku punya tugas leh pada wat keje keje quotation untuk jualan package TMNet business..ok la..tapi tak la banyak sangat keje..balik pun awal gak la tapi tak de la awal cam kerajaan..kul 5 ptg da balik..aku biasa balik kul 6.00..

pastu lat lat abih 2 bln..kejap lak rasanya...aku di tukarkan ke ict deparment lak..kat sini la cam cam keje..g rawang..g kota kemuning...keje de la hampir sbln sebab de la keje keje wiring skit sambil setting wireless access point skali..tapi mmg best sebab de la dapat cedok skit pengalaman keje wiring di bahagian department..baru tau kepayahan dan keperitan keje tak nya..keje wiring je sampai mlm..kekadang tu balik kul 10 mlm..pastu jauh lak tu..tapi sebaik la naik keta office...hehehee..leh tido dlm keta sambil mengeluarkan perkataan "ZZZZZZZZZ"...sampai staff kata bunyi impreza ne lak lalu nie??...hampagas nya staff..hehehehe..mmg sesama gelak la..siot je..tapi mmg seronok bergelak ketawa ngan staff pada mlm tersebut..penat tu tetap penat tapi setiap pagi kena g keje gak..biasa nya office masuk kul 8.45 tapi aku keje sampai office 9.30..sebaik bos tak marah..yerla..sebab aku selalu g lewat balik pun lewat..takkan la aku nak wat cam office sendiri lak...g lewat balik awal kan...mmg teruk la imej aku nanti..heheh..tapi alhamdullilah..stakat ni bos tak marah pasal kedatangan aku..yg seronok nya bos aku ni mmg sporting...pastu mmg seronok berbual cam member....hobi dia paling best suka tengok video kat youtube..nak tau video pe??? pasal superbike ataupun keta setarf lambor....perhg..berjiwa 25 thn..hehehhe...mmg best...selalu layan tengok keta pe yg leh di layankan...heheheehehe..sebaik la keta lambor tak de jual sangat kat situ...hehehehe..n satu lagi..bos aku ni pemurah..tu yg paling cam la dia pemurah..nak citerkan terlalu puji dia lak..hehehe..jgn mara bos..sihat bos???..hehehhee...

pelagi ye??..pastu keje aku dlm last last nak abih praktikal tu bos suruh aku update website company..dari tak reti leh la reti pasal coding html..walaupun tak faham..main faham faham gitu je la..masuk coding html compile je..kalo jadi alhamdullilah..tak jadi cari coding html..cari kat ne???..kat ne lagi..kat rumah uncle google la..kat store rumah dia cam cam website coding html..hehehhehee...

24 hb tarikh terakhir aku praktikal..sayup gak aku nak tinggal company cam kenangan manis..dan paling best..semo staff mmg the best..peramah gila..seronok gila...tu yg rasa cam nak je keje parttime kat situ..tapi nanti la nak kena setelkan report...yg best la staff tu leh dia bagitau kat bos..suruh suggest bos amik aku keje parttime..aiseh..hehhee..aku terpaksa menolak tawaran sementara waktu..yerla..nak setelkan report dulu..n then aku nak tunggu panggilan bos luar..maksud aku bos keje parttime dulu..sebab dia kata de projek nanti..jadi taknak la aku memungkiri janji...jadi terpaksa la aku tangguh dulu..hasrat di ati mmg nak gak keje parttime kat tempat praktikal aku tu tapi fikirkan janji ku ngan bos keje parttime dulu..kalo da confirm tak de baru aku call bos tempat praktikal nak minta keje parttime.. :) tau de rezeki lebih kat situ lak nanti kan..

anyway pe pe pun tq pada semo staff company tersebut yg sudi mengambil aku sebagai student trainee kat situ..aku akan kenang mereka sebagai sebuah second family....insyallah :)..

pe lagi ye??...


BAB 2 lak...

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Specification MSI GT725 Gaming Notebook


Monday, March 9, 2009

The Lipstik - Cemburu

Hidup ini,
Bagai layang-layang,
Kesorangan sepi,
Kutempuh arah tujuanmu wahai gadisku,
Memikirkanmu wahai si jelita oh dimana,
Hilangnya dirimu itu..

Hancur hatiku siapa yang tahu,
Cemburu jiwa menusuk kalbumu oh..oh..oh..
Kau & si dia bercumbu-cumbuan,
Namun aku tidak pernah kau endahkan..

*Mungkin ini satu dugaan,
Yang menimpa diriku ini,
Tak siapa yang tahu bagaimana yang kurasakan,
Tiada daya hendak ku meluahkan isi hatiku,
Hanya lagu yang ku ciptakan..